French link building

Google and other search engines count each incoming link to a website as a 'vote of confidence'.  The more high quality links to your website, the higher you will appear with search engines.  The anchor text (the clickable part of a link) is also important, as you will appear higher particularly for the keywords contained in the anchor text.

It's important that links are built in a natural fashion, therefore we will always build links over a period of time and use a variety of links and anchor texts to create the links.  Similarly, links will be from a variety of different sites, with different IP addresses and none of the links will be on spam sites or use automated mass link building schemes.

Any SEO company that offers to submit your site to 1,000's of directories or generate 100's of links overnight will actually be doing you a disservice, as this is an obvious manipulation of the search results and is more likely to get you penalised with Google, than to boost your position with search engines.

When looking at your website, we will first check what the important keywords are, then advise a link building strategy than generates French links to your site over a period of time (which will be between 40 days and 90 days initially, depending on the number of links you require for your important keywords).

We can then generate the following kinds of links:

  • Links from other 'mainstream' websites.
  • By writing a French article and submitting it to 20 French article directories.
  • By submitting your site to 100 - 800 French directories.

The links from 'mainstream' websites are links from other sites that are NOT directories, article directories, blogs or forums.  While these links can still be beneficial, they are often easier to obtain, therefore Google values links that are not from these sites more highly.  The 'mainstream' links will all have the following features:

  • Be on a page indexed by Google.
  • Be on a page with a PageRank of 1 or higher (at least half the links will be on pages with PageRank 2 or higher).
  • Have under 75 outbound links on a page (at least half the links will have under 20 outbound links on a page).
  • Be from pages that are loosely relevant to your site.
  • Not be from spam sites.
  • Not be on pages with a 'nofollow' tag (a piece of code that tells search engines to ignore the link).

As few as 10 links from other high quality 'mainstream' sites could make a huge difference to where your site will appear in the search results, particularly when this is coupled with the extra links from French directories and article directories.

In order to give you a quote, we will first need to know the industry you're in, then agree keywords and look at the competition for your important keywords.  We do all of this before asking for payment and then ask for 50% at this point, and 50% on completion (or at pre-agreed points for large, longer term SEO projects).

SEO Reports and Training

If you would like to carry out your own SEO on your French website, we can instead provide you with detailed reports of what needs optimizing for search engines and telephone training so that you fully understand what factors search engines look at and how you can optimize your own website(s) for search engines.

Please contact us for more details of this training.