English & French SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of creating websites that search engines value, so that they rise to the top of the natural or organic search results with search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We are an organic SEO company (based in both the UK and Languedoc, South France) and offer multilingual SEO and link building, focusing on English and French SEO. Our SEO services boil down to two essential components:

  1. On-site Search Engine Optimization
  2. Multilingual Link Building

On-site Search Engine Optimization

When looking at the organic SEO of an English or French website, we analyse over 20 different factors, including:

  • Title, Description and Keyword Metatags.
  • The overall linking structure of your site.
  • Page URLs.
  • Number of times keywords and phrases are used in the main body of text.
  • ALT tags of images.
  • File names of images and CSS components.
  • Flash SEO optimization.

Mulitlingual Link Building

As well as the on-site SEO, we offer the following off site link building in English, French, German and Spanish:

  • Generating one way links from other related websites.
  • Submitting your site to relevant English, French, German or Spanish directories.
  • Writing and submitting articles to guest blogs on relevant sites.
  • Finding other opportunities to build links to or advertise your site.
  • We also network with several English language websites about France, so if you're looking for English SEO in France, we can offer this service.

Web Design

We are the sister company to 1 Website Designer and along with our SEO services, offer creative web design services to a range of companies internationally (including the UK, France, Spain and the USA).  We create websites that are attractive and professionally presented, with a Content Management System (our recommended CMS is Drupal), that lets you easily add to and edit your own web site.

Part of any internet marketing or web site promotion campaign has to look at the website itself - or what we've called Design Optimization - creating a website that is attractive, intuitive and reassuring.  Design optimization is about creating a web site that:

  • Reassures your clients by presenting a professional image.
  • Is intuitive to navigate, so that your clients can easily find the information they need with which to make a decision.
  • Provides all the functionality you and your clients require - whether it is an intuitive e-commerce solution, online discussion forums, blogs or a customised solution for your business.
  • Is correctly presented in a range of browsers and for different operating systems.

If you are looking for an organic SEO Company, then this is the ideal time to ask yourself 'How will your clients feel once they've found your site?', 'Does your site present a reassuring, professional image of who you are?'

Ensuring your site attracts and retains visitors, converts visitors to customers and encourages customers to return to your site again and again is part of any good SEO campaign.